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The MISB students will achieve advanced training in a number of topics related to integrative synthetic biology and front-line technologies, environmental biology and biomedicine, which will be analyzed within an integrated research program –the hallmark of MISB– combining chemical structural, molecular, cellular, synthetic and systemic approaches.

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For admission to the Master, students must have an official university degree from an institution of higher education in a country included in the “European Higher Education Area” (EHEA). This degree must be valid to access Master education in the issuing country.

Students with an equivalent degree issued by institutions outside the EHEA can be accepted without an explicit, official recognition of qualification after proving the equivalence of the education level and that the given degree gives access to Master education in the country of the issuing institution. The admission of these students does not mean that their degree is recognized in any context other than admission to the Master.

MCIB is offered to graduate students in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Sciences.

Foreign students are encouraged to apply. Students must be fluent in English (B2 or equivalent level). 

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