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A broad selection of research groups from CSIC, internationally recognized for their innovative research, will form the core faculty of MISB, actively contributing to the training and education of the enrolled students. Using state of the art approaches, faculty members aim to answer essential questions relevant to basic and applied biological and biomedical research. All coordinators are CSIC tenured scientists.

MISB Direction Team
Germán Rivas  (Director)
Sonsoles Martín-Santamaría
Mercedes Jiménez 
Rafael Giraldo

MISB Secretary
María José Hernández

MISB Module Coordinators
FUNDAMENTALS 0 (04-08/10/2022)
INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS: Essentials of SynBio and related disciplines
Coordination: MISB team

FUNDAMENTALS 1 (10/10/2022 – 30/11/2022)
Engineering molecular systems (bottom-up approaches)
Coordination: ASSEMBLY & SYNTHESIS (I) – R Pérez, S Martín-Santamaría & G Rivas (CIB). TOOLS (I): B Monterroso, S Zorrilla & G Rivas (CIB)

FUNDAMENTALS 2 (01/12/2021 – 19/01/2023)
Engineering cellular systems (top-down approaches)
ASSEMBLY & SYNTHESIS (II) + TOOLS (II) Coordination: R Giraldo & J Nogales (CNB); J Buceta & J Peretó (I2SysBio)
EXAM F1 (***/12/2022)

FUNDAMENTALS 3 (11/01/2023 – 20/02/2023):
BIOFACTORIES + TOOLS (III) Coordination: BIOFACTORIES - J Barriuso (CIB) & J Nogales (CNB). TOOLS (III) J Nogales (CNB); I Otero & J Buceta (I2SysBio)

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