Program Structure and Timing

MISB will run during 4 academic semesters, starting in October until July of the second year. It comprises 120 ECTS credits, organized in 4 academic modules (90 ECTS) and a master research project TFM (30 ECTS). MISB will enroll 10-20 students per promotion, to optimize the training process. MISB will adopt an innovative format in which the students will progress rapidly from intensive course instruction to extensive lab rotations and research (TFM) activities. Most of Mcib activities will be in English.

Updated calendar and schedule

(Fundamentals 1, 2 & 3):

Complete master information here:

MODULE 1: FUNDAMENTALS (25 ECTS, semester 1)

M1A: Basic Principles & Research Topics (15 ECTS)

          Introductory sessions: essential concepts of Synthetic Biology.



M1B: Advanced Methods (10 ECTS)

I. ASSEMBLY - Reconstitution of life-like molecular systems.
II. SYNTHESIS - Integration of functional modules in synthetic and natural cells

III. BIO-FACTORIES - Exploitation of SynBio in biotechnology and biomedicine

M2A: Frontiers I (15 ECTS, semesters 1-2)

M2B: Frontiers II (15 ECTS, semesters 3-4)

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Advanced seminars (8-10 per academic year) and 1-day workshops (3-4 per academic year) to complement / reinforce topics covered in FUNDAMENTALS.

M3A: Extension I (5 ECTS, semester 2)

M3B: Extension II (5 ECTS, semester 3)

Seminars and workshops on career development, communication skills, poster design, software-based workshops (statistics, MATLAB, imaging analysis, etc.), project management, entrepreneurship and academia-business relations, elaboration of a business
proposal for an EBT (technology-based company), ethics and bioethics,leadership, dissemination of science, etc.

M4A: Integrated labs I (15 ECTS, semester 2): lab rotations, tutored research activities.

M4B: Integrated labs II (10 ECTS, semester 3): lab rotations, tutored research activities, introductory research project